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4th Transnational meeting «WO-MENT»

by Ευθύνη Πολιτών

The 4th Transnational Project Meeting was held in Gerace, Province of Reggio Calabria, Italy between the 4th-6th February 2015 and was hosted by the EUROKOM Association. The meeting brought together the Partner Organizations, coming from: Spain,  Greece and Malta. Please find more details here  

Grundvig Learning Partnerships: LLP Programme WO-MENT

by Ευθύνη Πολιτών

The increased migrations into the EU raise the theme of the potential of lifelong learning for promoting their integration and social inclusion. The general goal of this project is to contribute to the strengthening of lifelong learning systems in Europe for low-skilled migrant women over 45 years, bearing in mind the possibility of intergeneracional learning […]

Distribution and Dissemination of EU Project WO-MENT

by Ευθύνη Πολιτών

Dissemination Objectives The dissemination objectives can be divided into the following:  1. Raising awareness and engaging low skilled women migrant learners in the project;  2. Promotion of project results; 3. Promotion of e-mentoring service, especially among the low skilled women migrant learners;  4. Promoting the project at local, national and European Level.  Dissemination Tools The following Dissemination Tools […]

Objectives & Strategy of EU «WO-MENT»

by Ευθύνη Πολιτών

The project consortium involves educative institutions that complement each other in terms of capacities and expertise but also of visions and attitudes towards lifelong learning. They all work to get the general goal of this project. This is to contribute to the strengthening of European social cohesion by fostering the inclusion of low-skilled migrant women […]