The aim of the company is to inform people and undertake social, cultural and environmental actions in order to promote social responsibility and thus impel citizens to assist the changes and promote the entry into a society and economy of better living standards.

For the achievement of its aim, the company is focused in the following objectives:

  • Environmental education and public awareness.
  • Projection of social issues.
  • Growth without exclusions or any kind of discrimination.
  • Encouragement of citizens to constant learning and training/education.
  • Publicity, protection and preservation of cultural heritage.

The vision of “Responsible Citizens” is to inform and to raise awareness to as many citizens as possible for the multilateral -social, environmental, cultural- problems that have been presented. The intention is to mobilise citizens to actively attend to the solution of these issues, thus rendering them participants of the alteration of their society into one with improved living conditions by developing important activities in the wide area of Thessaly.