vida-logoWith great success took place the 2nd Transnational Meeting in Hranice, Czech Republic between 04 and 05 of September 2017
of the project «Violence in Dating for Youth» under the Erasmus +, KA2.

The project relates to violence in relationships between young people 13 to 18 years, in accordance with national and international references and statistics. The aim of the project is to reduce violence among young people in the relevant age groups targeting:

  • Increase awareness about the problem among young people, educators, youth organizations and public institutions.
  • To improve the skills of young people about human relationships.
  • To improve personal safety sense.
  • The improvement of formal, non-formal and informal education on the subject.

At the meeting the Project Partners have worked:

– The Didactic material for Teachers and Students,

– The intervention in the Classrooms,

The post-test application,

– The data analysis concluding comparison survey of pre-test results and post- test results,

– In organizational and administrative matters,

– In the next steps to be followed,

– The finalization of the next meetings.

The short term joint staff event was attended by the project partners from the following countries and organizations:

  1. Italy, TENDER.
  2. Italy, Associazione Culturale Communia.
  3. Portugal, SOPRO.
  6. Greece, Responsible Citizens.
  7. Italy, ISS Podesti.
  8. Spain, AELV.
  9. Czech Republic, Hranicka