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YES- Youth Exchange for Solidarity is a youth exchange program for young people with fewer opportunities between 14 to 18 years old which takes place in Barcelos and Braga (Portugal) from 18th to 25th of June 2017.

More specific, the participants of this project are thirty (30) students and eight (8) youth leaders from five (5) European countries, Portugal, France, Spain, Italy and Greece.

In YES project, the opportunities and activities which are developed by the NGOs combined with the participation of students of secondary schools will contribute to the provision of a wider, global education and induction for youth.

The aim…

The mission of this project is the development of citizen competences about their willingness for cooperation, their active participation and their change of attitudes, with the aim of schools progress.


The intercultural education, the sharing of stories and experiences, sports and volunteer activities are some practices which will be used for the implementation of this project.