opencomen_titleIn the framework of Key Action 1\\VET of Erasmus+ program and more specific about the project “Extrares_TTTE_FashionPro”, nineteen (19) VET students, from different regions of Italy, did their internship in Larissa, from 13/07/2016 to 12/10/2016, in these sectors:

  • Engineering
  • Touristic sector
  • Creative industries

extraresRegarding to Engineering, the students participated in researching, maintenance and observation of machines and engineering programs and processes of the enterprises. The companies, which accommodated the students during their internship, were:

  • Technological Institute of Thessaly
  • Staff Colour Energy
  • Gas Tecnica
  • Kondylopoulos elevatorsttte

As for the Tourism, the students kept busy at production positions and customer services in the companies:

  • Lobster Espresso Bar
  • Barricou Bistrot
  • Vosporos Restaurant

fashionAbout the third student group, in creative sector, the students entered into design and decoration of furniture, clothes and the design of jewelries at:

  • XL Furniture
  • Pepper Fashion
  • Chantrocosmos

Finally, as a result of their stay here, the students had the opportunity to improve their linguistic abilities, to come in contact with our culture and meet our society figures.