WO-MENT Mentoring Programme

Our WO-MENT Mentoring Tool for combating isolation and loneliness. We use it to empower migrant women aged over 45 years and and their communities to tackle and overcome the hardships they encounter as migrants and refugees in Europe. We use it to impart skills and knowledge that will bring women migrant communities forward and that improve social and mental well-being. We use it to build the capacity of migrant women so that they themselves can become active multipliers of change.

Besides offering one-on-one mentoring matches between trained individuals and migrants in need, the WO-MENT Mentoring Programme offers a core of services and activities that support migrant women, who feel isolated or need extra support to build confidence, access services and develop new abilities so that they can build happier lives our community!

Activities include: Basic ICT Courses; Career Guidance, Support group for women. Click here to access our Mentoring Programme.