The project consortium involves educative institutions that complement each other in terms of capacities and expertise but also of visions and attitudes towards lifelong learning. They all work to get the general goal of this project. This is to contribute to the strengthening of European social cohesion by fostering the inclusion of low-skilled migrant women over 45 years in European countries, through the programme of lifelong learning.

The project has these clear specific objectives:

1. Purchase of new competences based on training for low skilled female migrants for best integration into society and the labour market, increasing their mobility and presence in lifelong learning in Europe.

2. Reinforce the adult learning centers and NGO´s with additional support activities focused on migrant women over 45, doing the required modifications when necessary, to adapt to their perceived needs.

3. Raise awareness on the potential of lifelong learning for social integration and cultural diversity.

4. Facilitate the encounter and better understanding among organizations dealing with migrants, women and adult education in Europe.

5. To develop a supportive approach that goes beyond stereotypes and recognizes the professional success of female migrants in skilled sectors, providing them with the opportunity of exchange experiences and help other peers, through a mentorship service.

6. Understand the concept of an adult education as a global process of learning that consists of more than just obtaining qualifications and professional skills;

7. To create a website that promotes the knowledge of new technologies and creates a contact network among participants.

8. To promote the knowledge produced among all interested stakeholders and to favor the multiplication of the approach.

Partners involved promote the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) during the meetings that are organized in each country, trying to achieve the greatest efficiency of presentations, being used as an accompanying tool, for interactivity and large communication of the project’s content and its results.

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