The increased migrations into the EU raise the theme of the potential of lifelong learning for promoting their integration and social inclusion. The general goal of this project is to contribute to the strengthening of lifelong learning systems in Europe for low-skilled migrant women over 45 years, bearing in mind the possibility of intergeneracional learning with other high skilled and already employed migrant women. We intend to develop a mentoring programme where partners exchange educational strategies for disadvantaged migrant women and analyze methods in order to implement new lifelong learning approaches, based on the concrete training needs of disadvantaged migrant adults. 

The participation as mentors of high skilled migrant women, already employed in qualified jobs, guarantees not only a linguistic or cultural proximity to each learner, but also an opportunity to share their professional knowledge and expertise, while partners create new environments for education and professional development. These skilled mentors provide training and professional guidance from a close perspective, and have a fundamental role in the individual development of these disadvantaged learners over 45. Through the experiences collected in transnational meetings of three days, dialogue between regions is enhanced and learners can improve their skills and mutual understanding, keeping these disadvantaged women active and potentially more employable. Partners also create a web page that includes an online mentoring service and a job search section in each of the countries involved. The project establishes a network for cooperation amongst all entities that participate, for further cooperation on lifelong learning, and with this vulnerable group.